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The Poison Of Money book addresses a struggle that virtually anyone can identify with: Our obsession with and awe of the rich and powerful vs. spiritual teachings that warn against the Seven Deadly Sins including Greed and the Pleasures of the Flesh.  

a struggle that virtually anyone Can Identify With

This book exposes the far-reaching repercussions of money and its deadly venom.

Money.  Society’s barometer for success. Your ticket to a life of luxury, power and the pleasures of the flesh.  How could money possibly have a poisonous side?

To tell this story, we are transported back in time to a place where few have ever been allowed entry:

For the first time ever, a family member takes us behind the scenes and into the personal life of one of the most powerful men of the 20th century, Johnny Torrio

Joseph, a typical teenager living in Montréal, is captivated by the American Dream of riches and power. Yet, he struggles with repeated warnings from his parents and his religion about money’s evil side.

He inadvertently discovers a newspaper clipping that reveals a dark family secret. To Joseph’s astonishment, Johnny Torrio, once Al Capone’s boss, was his great uncle. This mind-boggling find ignites an obsession for the truth. 

Was his great uncle an incredible success story or one of America’s worst criminals?

Stonewalled by his parents’ silence, Joseph’s quest leads him to Tina, an elderly aunt.  A fact-finding mission becomes an epic family journey that spans decades and crosses continents. He comes of age when faced with disturbing insights into how the Poison of Money has spread throughout the veins of society.

The poison is not only in society at large, but has hit closer to home. He also discovers Torrio’s lifelong obsession to reunite with his only blood sister, Marietta (Joseph’s Grandmother).  This story introduces Torrio’s sister to the world.

Greed blocks this reunion. Unimaginable curses plague the family. Joseph makes the eerie analogy to the curses of the Pharaoh in “The Ten Commandments.” Except that there are only nine curses in the Torrio saga.

This is where the story should end with a grown-up Joseph reflecting on the relevance between the 9 curses that plagued the Torrios and The Poison of Money. Except there is a 10th curse…

Don’t be shocked if The Poison of Money takes root in your family tree…



Just like the famous movie scene from “THE GODFATHER"

Capone took the spotlight but Johnny Torrio was the mastermind. Torrio led such an obscure life that his natural death by heart attack went undiscovered for 3 weeks.  In the famous movie scene from “the Godfather,” Don Vito Corleone is shot while returning home from grocery shopping and then guarded at the hospital. Torrio, a real life Godfather, was shot in the same way and Capone was the principal guard. 

* Background image of Johnny Torrio, courtesy of the book 's author has never before been seen until now. *

for the first time in history we hear from marietta torrio


Meet Marietta Torrio

The Poison of Money is the first book to introduce Torrio’s only blood sister; to chronicle his life obsession to reunite with her; to tell an almost incredible family tale of triumph and tragedy including a reunion that is repeatedly thwarted by greed and jealousy. The Poison of Money chronicles the far-reaching repercussions of money and its deadly venom.   


A riveting story that spans the world!

Montréal, Canada

The book unfolds in Montréal, Canada where the main character is blown away when he learns the

truth about his family history.

Milan, Italy

 Where Marietta Torrio’s daughter passes away in a tragic accident at the family mansion  

purchased by Johnny Torrio.  A piece of Marietta dies, too.

Havana, Cuba

Torrio settles his sister and her family there  in the late 20s and the family experiences  

the terror and destructive forces of nature as another curse takes root… 

Chicago, Illinois 

The city where Torrio ruled and the site of the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre.

Endorsed by constable Giovanni di legge



 “After almost 3 decades spent in law enforcement, I have seen it all.

 I have witnessed firsthand that Money is truly the trigger for many bad things. 


This novel resonates with me as it is so far from just another Mafia story. Instead, it is an arresting tale about a young man’s eye-opening journey into his family’s past… and a wake-up call to the evils of society created by the pursuit of the almighty dollar. 

Young adults–readers of any age, really—will devour the book, while almost unsuspectingly digesting valuable history and life lessons that will undoubtedly impact their lives in a positive way. I wear my badge with pride. It is sometimes referred to as a “shield.” 

My experience has been that KNOWLEDGE is the best “shield” against crossing the “Thin Blue Line” between good and evil. The powerful messages in “The Poison of Money” will serve to educate and even may protect some from the evil and chaos caused by the pursuit of Money.

 ‘You have the right to remain silent…’ But, I just can’t stop extolling the pleasure and benefits of reading this book.” 

Constable Giovanni Di Legge was awarded the Governor General Police Exemplary Service Medal and today is a Community Relations Police Officer dedicated to a strong presence in schools to educate students, prevent crime and act as a liaison between the Police and the entire community he serves. 

ENDORSED BY MK Knight – Mob Historian and Mob Museum author



Torrio is known as the man who brought Al Capone to Chicago, but there is so much more to this story.  From Chicago to  New York, Montreal, Italy and Cuba, this book skillfully weaves in family dynamics, greed, envy, humor, survival and the famiglia ties that bind… and destroy.  As the great-nephew of Johnny Torrio, he reveals never-heard before family stories and secrets; they are fascinating, gripping and all true. When it comes to family, there  are no secrets. -  MK Knight – Mob Historian and Mob Museum author


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